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"I had the most profound hypnotherapy session with Emma just under a week ago. I achieved more in an hour and half under Emma's professional guidance than I have in two years of intensive psychotherapy. I released so much hurt, sadness and anger - it was beyond powerful. I booked a session with Emma to help me cure an addiction - this has happened, I am free of my addiction and as a bonus my self-esteem has rocketed and the last of a lingering depression has vanished. I felt so safe and supported, it was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I cannot recommend Emma Firth highly enough."



"I have been fortunate to work with Emma Firth over the last few weeks to help with my ME. I was improving through a variety of means such as nutrition and kinesiology and rest but felt there was a piece of the jigsaw missing and had reached a plateau after a year. After 2 sessions with Emma to try to get to the root cause of why I was not progressing any further,I can honestly say she has transformed my life. Working with Emma has been a fascinating journey and together we have found the missing piece of the puzzle and my improvement is now on a steep uphill trajectory which I would never had reached without her. I am indebted to her and always will be. I can not recommend her highly enough."


"I had the Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Emma a few weeks ago. I found her to be very experienced and empathetic and reassuring. I had not been hypnotised before and she explained the process carefully before starting the session. Something has shifted and changed and I feel lighter and more carefree about my past. I would recommend Emma for anyone looking to process their past in a different way."



"I just wanted to contact you to say thank you for the RTT session we had a few months back. At the time the experience was incredibly profound and put me in touch, and helped me to deal, with deeply locked in childhood trauma. 

I am so grateful for your insight into the heart of where my suffering lay, and for the caring guidance you gave me throughout the session which has helped me acknowledge, face and begin the healing of this pain. The follow up recorded session gave me the support I needed afterwards to keep me going. 

Since our on-line session I have been on a path of self-care and healing. Life continues to have its challenges with ups and downs: some days are easier than others , but I feel at least now I know what I am dealing with. This has been crucial for me to make positive changes in my life. Which I am. I have been able to shed relationships and behaviours  that reinforced negative messages from the past.

Life can be painful with unresolved issues and trauma impacting on daily decisions: deeply effecting our lives and ultimately our ability to have a happy mind- healthy one, but I have to say my session with you released me from the grip of these at a fundamental level, allowing me to start to bring about positive change to my life. 

I am deeply grateful Emma. I think of you as someone who has brought clarity and greater happiness into what was a confused and rather dark world. I have a long way to go, but you've set me on the pathway and for that I am eternally grateful."



"Emma is a phenomenal RTT practitioner. she has an extraordinary level of empathy. Her sessions target the heart of any 'problem'  and allow you to come to your own conclusions about why any issues may be present in your current life. Emma helps you change your perspective on any past event that may have caused unresolved conflict. Together with her therapeutic techniques, you unravel this conflict and resolve the situation. I went to Emma wanting to improve my prioritisation, self care and resistance to unnecessary stress. After a couple of sessions, I immediately noticed an improvement in my ability to prioritise tasks and stay motivated when needs be, and I can now rationalise most situations that would have previously caused me worry or stress. To anyone considering RTT, I would definitely recommend Emma's practice"


"I went to see Emma because I was feeling stressed out. I had just started my own business and I couldn’t switch off. I was constantly checking and replying to emails at all times of the day and evening, social media and my mind was constantly buzzing around. That was until my session with Emma. She easily helped me to locate scenes that were all to do with the root cause of my issue and then she made me realise that those beliefs were no longer relevant. Her recording, that I loved listening to for way more that 21 days, hit the nail on the head with every sentence. Since then I have been feeling so much more relaxed and balanced. If I get an email after closing hours, I find it easy to wait until the next day to email back. I am so much more present when spending time with my children and I just feel so much happier. I highly recommend working with Emma if you have an issue that you want feeling from."


"I recently had an RTT session with Emma to address issues that stemmed back to my childhood.I am so pleased that I chose Emma to support me on this journey. She explained the process very thoroughly and I was very confident in her ability to help me.She has the most wonderful manner- warm and caring and is extremely knowledgeable within her field of expertise. As a result, Emma has helped me to unlock the root of my issues and unleashed the confidence and belief in myself that had been suppressed for so long.

Thank you Emma" 


"My RTT session with Emma was 100% effective.

I chose to see Emma because I was experiencing chronic UTI's. I would develop a UTI every 2-3 months for about 5 years. No matter what I did, they would return. I'd been to several specialists and the cause of the UTIs remained a mystery. I have always been quite healthy and was at my wits end with all of this. Honestly I was a bit skeptical at first, but really needed relief and was willing to give RTT a try. Emma was so thoughtful and intelligent, she just had a way about her that immediately put me at my ease. She quickly and easily helped me discover the root of my UTIs and helped me release them for good. I am thrilled, grateful and relieved to report I have been UTI free for 7 months and counting. That is a huge win for me. Thank you Emma! I would absolutely recommend Emma. She is professional, compassionate, caring and very effective. Out of 5 stars, I would give her 6!"


"I would like to say a huge thank you for delivering an amazing RTT session. 

I consider myself as very aware of my feelings, values and beliefs, yet Emma have guided me into the areas of my subconscious mind to reveal things I wasn't aware of and I would never recognize with my logic brain. I have had an amazing connection with Emma through all the session, feeling safe in her hands, feeling at ease to share my life details. Once I have recognized the root cause of my main issue Emma has helped me to let go of my past pain and belief I was carrying with me since I was a little girl. 

I shared a lot of tears during this session and I don't usually cry, however it was so good to let go of the pain and discomfort I was holding on to. Understanding where my issue came from is very powerful and I know I am capable of this amazing transformation.

I would definitely recommend Emma to anyone who needs to change their life and heal the pain. You will be in good hands. Even though I was crying for most of the session I felt energetic after all. Such relief to let go."


"My work with Emma through her counselling, hypnotherapy and awareness of the subconscious mind has changed my anxiety from overwhelming and debilitating, to having the appropriate response to stressful situations. Her understanding and caring approach gave me confidence to try her techniques, and I can honestly say it has made such a positive difference in my life "

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