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When I send you the Zoom link it will install a small (safe) bit of software on your computer. It takes about 30 seconds. When you open the link and the Zoom screen comes up you will see at the BOTTOM LEFT of the screen a camera and a microphone icon. Please ensure they are enabled. If there is a red line through them, you will need to click them once - when the red line disappears, they are enabled.

You will need either a computer with a camera and microphone or a webcam with microphone that you can attach to your computer.

Your computer will need to be fully charged (if a laptop) and plugged in as the session uses a lot of battery power.

Please ensure you are sitting comfortably somewhere safe (on a chair or sofa that you are unlikely to fall off! It has never happened but just in case.)

You will need to be able to stretch your arms out in front of you at shoulder height without touching the screen. I will need to be able to see the top half of your body.

Please ensure your home phone is unplugged or on silent and that your mobile is on silent with vibration turned off. Please close all programmes on your computer to ensure it doesn’t ding. Ideally put a notice on the door to make sure no one rings the bell or knocks loudly during the session.

Don’t drink lots before the session in case you need the toilet. If you do need to visit the bathroom during the session, please do tell me as I will bring you out of hypnosis and take you back down after as there is nothing more distracting than needing to visit the bathroom.

Ideally don’t wear eye makeup

Please rest after the session and drink lots.

You may wear headphones if you wish but it is simply personal preference.

Please turn the lights on in the room to ensure there is plenty of light (especially if it is an afternoon session where the light will be changing as the sun goes down...)

Should the Zoom link cut out (unlikely but just in case) you will naturally come out of hypnosis. Stay where you are, and I will attempt to restart the Zoom connection. If I do not manage to restart after 5 minutes, I will try to call you or text you with instructions so turn your mobile phone back on. If I can’t get hold of you on your mobile phone, I will send instructions via email. In the unlikely event that we are unable to reconnect you will not lose any of your session as I will arrange another session time with you.

If you have any questions before hand, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Online Therapy Instructions
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